[EN] Application as YouTuber/Streamer


Mai 7, 2022
Datacenter in FFM
This topic lists all the important points you need to consider when applying for a job as a YouTuber or streamer. In this way, we also create a central contact point for future applicants to YouTubers and streamers.

You can apply to become a YouTuber or streamer by submitting an application in this forum, after you have achieved the following requirements. A high level of awareness and activity on SpieleOase is required!
All ranks listed here must upload an entire video from SpieleOase at least once a week. More detailed conditions will be discussed in the application.


Requirements for the YouTuber-Rank in an overview:

  • 1.500 Abonnents
  • 4.000 monthly Views

Requirements for the Premium-Plus-Rank in an overview:

  • 500 Abonnenten
  • 1.000 monthly Views


Requirements for the YouTuber-Rang in an overview:

  • 1.000 Follower
  • ~20 active Viewes

Requirements for the Premium-Plus-Rank in an overview:

  • 250 Follower
  • ~8 active Viewes

What we offer

  • The opportunity to bring in your own ideas, implement them and thus ensure fun for the players
  • A future-oriented server
  • More rights in the game

If you apply for a rank, the administration decides independently and individually whether you will get this rank or not.

Even if you meet these requirements, it does not automatically mean that you are entitled to these ranks.

Über uns

  • Unsere Community gibt es schon seit vielen Jahren und wir sind stolz darauf, unvoreingenommene, kritische Diskussionen zwischen Menschen mit unterschiedlichem Hintergrund zu bieten. Wir arbeiten jeden Tag daran, dass unsere Community eine der besten ist.


  • Die Administration arbeitet sehr hart daran, Ihnen einzigartige, ursprünglich erstellte Inhalte zu bieten. Der Kauf von Rängen und Tokens hilft uns dabei, mehr und hochwertigere Inhalte zu erstellen.
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